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Pissing humiliation of an imprisoned slavegirl

Slave Crystel was imprisoned in an old cold cellar, completely naked, chained to the wall and a heavy steel ball with her hands handcuffed behind her back. Then came the desperate urge to pee, however there was no toilet and she had to spend at least one more day chained like that in the cellar. Guard’s strict order was: No peeing in the cellar, however her urge was stronger than her and she did it. Be sure to visit Shadow Slaves to see how did the guard punish her for disobedience.

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Ulorin Vex at Shackled Maidens

Ulorin Vex is one of my favorite fetish models and Shackled Maidens is one of my favorite bondage sites. So here it is, a selection of photos of miss Ulorin Vex bound, restrained, shackled, in straitjacket, bound with leather armbinder and a leather neck corset, naked or dressed up in latex…

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Busty sub girl Raven hogtied

Raven was a curious bondage newbie willing to try anything but she couldn’t find a boyfriend who would tie up and fuck her. Patience pays and she found one for kinky bedroom bondage games and here are the pics.

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Young Calico restrained and abused

Slutty submissive Calico was pretty much helpless, bound in heavy wooden stocks and gagged. Her titties were in pain from the clamps, ass was red from spanking but none of that made her less eager to cum while bound and abused.

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Cute librarian Morganna spanked, bound and fucked by a machine

Cute librarian Morganna was a naughty girl and she deserved a punishment. Little spanking, little bondage and a fucking machine with a big dildo should be quite enough for that.

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Merry Xmas with slave Rachael in bondage!

Tied Virgins sent us this great holiday photo set with slave Rachael bound and gagged under a Xmas tree. Who wouldn’t want a gift like this? Merry Xmas everybody!

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Slave Mandy struggling bound and gagged

Just look at this slave’s body – pure beauty. Mandy is a fitness trainer by day, bondage slave by night.

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Chubby blonde slaveslut trained as a dog

Blonde slut Cherry loves humiliation and role play. What better game could be played with her than a dog training? As a real slaveslut she immediately went down on all four when she heard the Master’s order.

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Secretary Katie bound and gagged in the office

Cute secretary Katie was a bit lazy and no matter how much work was there needed to do, she never stayed longer than she thought she should. Her strict boss didn’t like that and he found a way to keep her a bit longer.

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Slavegirl in medieval restraints

Some slavegirls like history in a whole different way than normal people. For instance this one likes medieval torture and inquisition role playing games as a part of her interest about the history. Too bad she was not in the same history class where I was.

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