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Former Soviet athlete is now a 24/7 painslave

She was a great athlete and a champion in her league, however when she met her Master at 18 years of age, she decided she will not longer go the sports route, but that she will become a true 24/7 slave. As you can see, she hasn’t regretted that decision and is happy to be enslaved.

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British damsels in bondage

Bondage Bob never fails to deliver. Check out this fine selection of hot UK girls in elegant clothes tied up and gagged.

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Ashley Renee penetrated in bondage

Ashley Renee is in edgier situation than usual, roughly manhandled, humiliated with a huge dildo, penetrated, tightly bound and gagged…

She is a natural born submissive and she likes it, you know who I am talking about… ASHLEY RENEE

Dominant Shiny Aline and submissive Pupett play in latex

Mistress Aline received Pupett gagged, collared and with her hands tied up in a big box as a present. Immediately she dressed her black latex catsuit and a hood. When she unpacked Pupett from her box, she ordered her to dress fully in white latex. Collar and leather cuffs went back on Pupett and so did the white gas mask. Looking beautifully submissive captured in white latex, she was ready for Mistress Aline’s fetish games.

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Latex ponygirl Pupett penetrated in her ass

What you see bellow is how something hot and intense became even hotter and more intense. Yes, that’s right, Pupett’s transformation from a slavegirl to a ponygirl in head to toe black latex outfit. OK, there was one part of Pupett which had to be uncovered to be used: her ass. Mistress had no mercy, she used a lot of lube to make Pupett’s ass slippery and a huge glass dildo.

You won’t find no other girl that looks this submissive in latex as PUPETT does.

Slave Axa bound and gagged

Hot blonde Axa is bound and gagged again, this time above the stairs and flashing us with her exposed and vulnerable pussy. Just imagine what could you do to her in this position.

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Latex french maid Ashley Renee

French maids are hot, Ashley is hot. Could there be anything more hot than busty Ashley Renee humiliated and bound in latex french maid costume?

Guess who likes roleplaying games in bondage? No one else more than ASHLEY RENEE

Ashley Renee in water bondage torment

Water bondage, bound in water, no big deal. That’s what Ashley thought when water bondage was mentioned. However she didn’t think of all challenges waiting for her during that. She liked it at the end, but being bound and gagged and constantly drowned in and out of the water wasn’t too easy task.

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Ashley Renee manhandled and kidnapped

With this evil villain on the rampage, Ashley was completely helpless and vulnerable. He was faster and stronger than her so there was no time to argue, he quickly manhandled, tied and gagged her and in a moment she found herself in the trunk of his car on the road to nowhere. Don’t you just love kidnapping roleplaying games with Ashley Renee?

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Busty slave whipped in bondage

This wicked female fitness instructor was always interested in bondage, submission, humiliation and pain. And guess what? She got it all at once.

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