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Ashley Renee handcuffed and ballgagged

Busty slave Ashley Renee was brought to a deserted warehouse. Her Master forcefully started to strip her down. Chains, handcuffs and ballgag came out of nowhere and in a second Ashley has found herself helpless handcuffed and ballgagged.

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Nude Ashley Renee is enslaved in tight rope bondage

Ashley has found herself naked and helpless tied on the table, she couldn’t make a sound as she was tightly gagged. Rope around her neck kept her head in place. Then the Master came and decided to tease Ashley’s wet pussy with a huge vibrator and there was nothing she could do but to be a good submissive girl and please him.

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Mistress Isabella Sinclaire dominates Ashley Renee

Not knowing where she was going, blindfolded Ashley Renee in latex was delivered to the strict Mistress Isabella Sinclaire for a training session. Ashley was used as a human furniture, spanked, ordered to worship Mistress Isabella’s high heels, tied up, gagged and painfully tortured. Beautiful latex bondage fetish session.

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Painful punishment for a young slave

She was young, slutty, submissive and in a need of punishment. It didn’t take too long to strip her down, tie her up and blindfold her with her own black scarf so the punishment could have started.

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Young slave in tight rope bondage

This young slave is sexy, submissive and crazy about bondage. Being bound and humiliated is her turn on so why should we deny her from that.

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Busty blonde slave is tied, whipped and humiliated

The bigger the tits, the more intensive pain. Looks like this tied, whipped and humiliated blonde slave can agree on that too.

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Asian slave is pussy tortured in bondage

Asian slaves seem to be quite tough, here are few photos of one Asian slave pussy tortured if you are not yet convinced.

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Girl in handcuffs and chains

Cold metal chains and handcuffs on gentle female skin, is there anything better? I am sure this girl is enjoying her time helpless in bondage, so be sure to check out the photos:

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Pussy torture

Sometimes, like in this case, ropes aren’t just good enough. If you really wish to keep the slave’s hands in place, be sure to use real metal restraints. Pussy torture can be quite rough. Check out this beautiful naked young slave in extreme pussy torture.

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Bathroom bondage

Young bondage virgin Raven has found herself in quite a challenge, to be bound and gagged in water. She was curious about bondage, but water had that edgy effect on her. Let’s see how she went through all that.

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