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If you like real raw amateur BDSM and bondage, I am sure you will feel like at home when you visit Slave Farm. No fake bullshit, real BDSM kinksters doing real BDSM things.

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Exotic slave Kayla bound and gagged trying to get free

Being tightly bound and gagged and with a vibrator between her legs wasn’t an easy task to endure for slave Kayla. She gave her best to escape from the tight ropes but no luck, she had to cum over and over again.


Sexy schoolgirl Ashley Renee in trouble

All alone at home, Ashley decided to play with herself dressed as a schoolgirl. Just as she got out her favorite vibrating dildo, her Mistress returned home. Let the pics tell you what happened next.

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Humiliated Ashley Renee tortured and abused in the dungeon

Tough assignment for Ashley Renee, being dragged by her collar on her knees to the dungeon, strapped to the St Andrew’s cross, tortured and abused. But as always, at the end she liked it.

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Paintoy Kyrie

Kyrie’s body was ideal playground for pain. At first she didn’t realize that but when the pain started to be pleasure, she was begging for more and more.


Hot slave Vanessa bound, blindfolded and fucked

The key ingredient in this bondage recipe was a surprise. Blindfolded, bound and helpless Vanessa didn’t know what will happen and when until she felt a vibrating dildo up her pussy.

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Spanked schoolgirl roleplay with real masochist Evie

This was something about Evie was dreaming about for ages. To be punished and spanked like a real schoolgirl. Being a complete masochist, she enjoyed the rush of intense pain.

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Blonde slave restrained in a cold steel

It was her punishment to remain still and silent kneeling in a submissive position but enduring that for over an hour was quite hard for her…


Obedience training of ponygirl Angel

Angel was a submissive bitch who couldn’t control herself in anything. Lack of obedience and discipline described her as a very nasty slave to deal with. What she needed was a humiliating training as a ponygirl and that really showed some progress in her behavior.


Redhead slave Dominique in bondage

Hot redhead slave Dominique had problems with discipline and obedience so her Master has tied and gagged her in a position which was uncomfortable for her. But the main order was to be still as long as possible in that position.

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