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Hot slave Vanessa bound, blindfolded and fucked

The key ingredient in this bondage recipe was a surprise. Blindfolded, bound and helpless Vanessa didn’t know what will happen and when until she felt a vibrating dildo up her pussy.

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Spanked schoolgirl roleplay with real masochist Evie

This was something about Evie was dreaming about for ages. To be punished and spanked like a real schoolgirl. Being a complete masochist, she enjoyed the rush of intense pain.

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Blonde slave restrained in a cold steel

It was her punishment to remain still and silent kneeling in a submissive position but enduring that for over an hour was quite hard for her…


Obedience training of ponygirl Angel

Angel was a submissive bitch who couldn’t control herself in anything. Lack of obedience and discipline described her as a very nasty slave to deal with. What she needed was a humiliating training as a ponygirl and that really showed some progress in her behavior.


Redhead slave Dominique in bondage

Hot redhead slave Dominique had problems with discipline and obedience so her Master has tied and gagged her in a position which was uncomfortable for her. But the main order was to be still as long as possible in that position.

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Submissive Pupett enslaved and dominated in latex by Mistress Jill Diamond

Here comes another hot set from Pupett which brings instant hard on to every latex fetishist who enjoys seeing two girls in action. Both in latex, Mistress Jill Diamond and submissive Pupett play their intense game of domination.

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British amateurs bound and gagged at home

Hot amateur girls from UK in bondage look just great. Check out today’s update with the selection from Bondage Bob.

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Taped slave Lola whipped

No mercy for slave Lola again. Tightly taped and helpless she was unable to move or escape. Rough lashes were hitting her body so hard she could barely take it.

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Slave Angie bound, whipped and tortured

Angie knew she deserved a punishment but she didn’t expect it to be that hard. Ropes tightly captured her body while her tits were in pain. Rough whipping made her whole body tremble from intense strokes.

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Topless slave Wendy is happy and smiling in bondage

Just look at that smile, Wendy really enjoys being exposed, helpless and bound. Her expression was happy and smiling until she saw the whip and then it changed…

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