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Extreme bondage torment with slaves Pupett and Yvette

Another intense session from Blood Angels is ahead. Slave Yvette is restrained in heavy wooden stocks which make her vulnerable, helpless and ready for intense torment. Slave Pupett is hooded and ordered to assist the cruel Mistress. Enough of the small talk, photos bellow speak more than any words.

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Jill Diamond and Pupett in extreme latex bondage session

In this highly erotic and heavily fetishistic latex bondage session Jill Diamond dominates the submissive Pupett. It all started easily with fun between two girls and continued with heavy rubber bondage. Heavy rubber hood kept Pupett silent and in darkness while control was in Jill’s hands.

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Blood Angel Lilith dominates pony slave Jill Diamond

Lilith is one hell of a bald, mean, cruel and ruthless Blood Angel. She shows absolutely no mercy dominating pony slave Jill Diamond.

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Young tortured pussy squirting in bondage

Young slave was completely restrained and she couldn’t move anywhere, it was already enough for her pussy to get wet. When the clamps started to inflict pain on her pussy, she just couldn’t hold it on anymore but squirt her pussy juice all around.

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Busty slave mummified, electroshocked and vibrated

Her complete upper part of the body was immobilized. She could only move with her eyeballs and what she saw in her Master’s hands didn’t look too good at all.

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Horny slave Cindy gets tied, blindfolded and fucked

Cindy was ordered to present herself to a new Master completely naked in the boots, but she showed up in her pantyhose. That was the reason for strict training and punishment.

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Blindfolded and gagged with silk scarves

Bondage Bob’s girls love to be in bondage and they especially enjoy being blindfolded and gagged with silk scarves.

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Handcuffed and gagged slave Rachael forgotten in the closet

Rachael was playing bondage games with her boyfriend. Part of her punishment was being gagged and tied in the dark closet alone. Did he forget about her?

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Naughty slave Sapphire is tied and ballgagged

Sapphire just can’t get enough of being bound, gagged and punished. Look at that beautiful smile on the last photo taken the moment after releasing her from bondage.

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Ashley Renee handcuffed and ballgagged

Busty slave Ashley Renee was brought to a deserted warehouse. Her Master forcefully started to strip her down. Chains, handcuffs and ballgag came out of nowhere and in a second Ashley has found herself helpless handcuffed and ballgagged.

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