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Humiliation and torture of slave Emily

It was Emily’s day to push her limits. How far will she go? Extreme humiliation, being a human ashtray, drinking her own piss, pussy torture, needle torture… Edge play at it’s finest.

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Pain Toy

Pain Toy is one of those extreme BDSM and spanking sites of it’s own class. Real slavegirls in real extreme whipping and spanking. Here are few samples but be sure to visit their site.

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Young slave Kitty naked in bondage

Fresh slave Kitty had a task to wait tied up and blindfolded for her Master. She didn’t know how long will he be out and she was scared darkness, but she couldn’t remove the blindfold.

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Flexible slave Wenona bound, whipped and tortured

Beautiful slave Wenona is one of those who can take any kind of pain better than other slaves. This is just a small proof of that.

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Busty blonde slave Scarlett tied up and gagged

All she wanted was to watch TV, but her Master decided he had a better idea how not to waste time…

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Ashley Renee hogtied in red latex catsuit

Who wouldn’t want Ashley Renee under a Xmas tree? Especially hogtied in red latex catsuit and with those extreme high heel boots?

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Ashley Renee kidnapped

Ashley Renee found herself right in the middle of kidnap fantasy roleplay. Of course, her being kidnapped, hogtied and gagged.

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Bedroom bondage with slave Sapphire

Sapphire is a young sexy slave who looks awesome bound and gagged. Who wouldn’t want to see more of her?

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Slave Emily punished in outdoor bondage

Being punished outdoors is something what sounded like a crazy idea to slave Emily. What if anyone will see her punished and humiliated? But as you can see, this slave passed another test successfully.

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Bridgett Harrington humiliates slave Zoe

Zoe is one of those slavesluts who can always take more of pain, punishment and humiliation. Bridgett knew that so there were no limits in this game of bondage, punishment and humiliation.

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